We’re All Fruit on the Same Tree

Just like the fruit on a tree are connected to the same life source, we are all connected to the same life source, the same source of life that trees, insects, animals, flowers, rivers and all life is connected too. We are all expressions of the ONE same consciousness, we are all one.

When we ponder how we are all tiny pieces of the same puzzle, that the whole cannot be complete without every one of us filling our unique role, we can't help but recognize our own unique value and the value that everyone and everything. YES, even those that challenge you, in fact, they may be the catalyst for you to make some of your most important life changes and understandings. 

We are all fruit on the same tree, some fruit may go bad but they are still part of the whole that you are part of, they are still created by the same 'stuff' that created you. By accepting even the bad fruit, by caring about the well-being of the entire tree as much as ourselves, the entire tree flourishes. When every one of us becomes inclusive, compassionate and loving to even the fruit we can't see, the fruit that are rotting, the fruit that weigh down the branches of own tree, or seem to block out our light, we raise the vibration and well being of the whole tree.

Everything changes when we change, one by one we can recreate our own life and all life paving a more beautiful world for ourselves and future generations.

Remind yourself of the importance of you and all life. 

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